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The Hipstamatic Owner's Manual contains everything you need to know about how to shoot amazing HipstaPrints and share them with your friends and the Hipstamatic community. Also learn advanced techniques such as organizing and uploading print stacks and enhancing your Hipstamatic experience at the HipstaMart.

[edit] Shopping Guide

Enhance your Hipstamatic experience with awesome digital and analog add-ons using the Shopping Guide. Learn how to buy new Hipstapaks (software packages containing additional lenses, flashes, and films) from the HipstaMart Gear Shop, order awesome analog prints delivered to your door using the HipstaMart Print Lab, and more. You'll also find the complete instructions for Restoring Purchases, if you should ever need to do so.

[edit] Shooting Guide

The Shooting Guide contains everything you need to know about how to shoot awesome images with your Hipstamatic. It includes details about setting up your camera, changing lenses, flashes, and films, and shooting in different conditions.

[edit] Sharing Guide

Use the Sharing Guide to learn all the different ways you can share your HipstaPrints. Learn how to upload to Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Email.

[edit] Community Guide

The Community Guide covers all the different ways you can share your images with the Hipstamatic community. Included are explanations how to enter our contests as well as how to share images on our Facebook wall.

[edit] Organizing Guide

Learn how to manage all your Hipstamatic images with the Organizing Guide, which covers the Stacks system and how to group HipstaPrint together using it.

[edit] Technical Specifications

Check the tech specs for all the nitty-gritty details about your Hipstamatic. You can also reference the camera model history for details about what changed with each Hipstamatic model.

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