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[edit] Intro

John S
Standard Equipment
Package-lens a1.png
Lens JohnS.png
Type Lens
Original Release Hipstamatic 100

John Smith may have his name on every credit card, free offer and junk mail you can imagine, but the John S lens captures a one of a kind moment like no other.

[edit] Lens Characteristics

The John S Lens is a good all-round sharp-focus lens, and works well in a variety of scenarios.

Used with color films the high contrast and saturation makes colors pop, particularly cooler colors (blues, greens).

Similar in effect to the Jolly Rainbo 2X flash, John S darkens the image, giving vibrant colors a richer shaded effect. This is partly due to an uneven, almost 'lumpy' vignette which appears to be influenced by intensity of ambient light. Its tendency to darken a subject can be used to counterbalance flashes or high contrast monochrome films.

[edit] Suggested Combinations and Uses

The John S Lens, along with Ina's 1969 film and Standard flash, has always been the factory default setting for all new installations of the Hipstamatic application. As such, it is the longest lived and most popular combination.

The rich saturation of the lens pairs it well with any effect-neutral color film, or any color casting film or flash. John S is also widely favored with monochrome films. However, depending on ambient light situations, it may muddy films that also have a strong vignette, such as BlacKeys SuperGrain, BlacKeys B+W, or AO BW.

[edit] Gallery Examples

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