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[edit] Intro

Oh say can you see, by this lens' soft blurry light . . . .

Americana Lens
Package-lens americana.png
Lens americana.png
Type Lens
Original Release Hipstamatic 235

[edit] Lens Characteristics

Americana belongs in the family of variable-focus lenses. It requires the OS5 operating system or later.

Unlike its sister lens Loftus, the tilt-shift effect is diagonal in nature, meaning the soft focus areas are on opposing sides of the image, either in the corners or along the edges. Which edges (left/right, top/bottom) or which corners seem to be selected randomly.

Americana also comes with a turquoise color cast.

It has been observed to have a slightly longer processing time at higher resolutions.

The selected film frame is excluded from the tilt-shift effect.

[edit] Suggested Combinations and Uses

This lens was originally paired with Blanko Freedom 13 and US1776 films.

The tilt-shift effect is best complimented with any color frame-only film or monochrome.

The turquoise color cast can be compounded with the Cadet Blue Gel flash.

It has been observed the Pop Rox flash may negate the tilt-shift and color casting effects.

The gauzy border effects lend themselves to framing mid-range and close up subjects, ideal for stylized portraiture.

[edit] Trivia

This lens was created for New York Fashion Week 2012 in conjunction with fashion photographer Chiun-Kai Shih, the namesake for the Chunky lens.

[edit] Gallery Examples

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