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You Hipstamatic is configurable with some additional advanced settings for power users.

[edit] Print Quality Toggle

You can change the quality (or image resolution) of the prints your Hipstamatic takes. Please note that higher quality settings take more time to develop, and are only necessary if you intend on printing your images at larger sizes than the standard 4" prints (offered by the HipstaMart Print Lab). You can change the print quality from the camera front.

  1. From the camera back, flip over to the camera back
  2. Slide the quality toggle (located directly to the left of your current lens) up or down
  3. Moving the toggle up increases print quality

Different Your Hipstamatic camera comes with a Quality Effect Toggle (accessible from the Camera Front) which allows you to process HipstaPrints in up to three different quality settings. These quality settings vary depending upon which device you are running Hipstamatic on.

Standard Quality Medium Quality High Quality
iPhone / iPhone 3G 600 N/A 1200
iPhone 3GS 600 1200 1536
iPod touch 600 N/A 720
iPhone 4 600 1200 1936
iPhone 4S 600 1936 2448
  • Regardless of size, all images will be square formatted (1:1 aspect ratio).

[edit] How to access other Advanced Settings

You can access Hipstamatic's advanced settings from the Settings app (on your iPhone or iPod's home screen).

  1. Close your Hipstamatic by tapping on the physical home button (on the bottom of your iPhone or iPod touch)
  2. Locate your global *Settings* app and open it
  3. Find the Hipstamatic section (located in the bottom list with all your other app store apps) and tap it

You will find a panel containing all the advanced settings options available for your Hipstamatic model.

[edit] Viewfinder Mode

You can change the viewfinder mode of your Hipstamatic to reflect your personal shooting tastes. The Classic simulates the imperfect framing of retro cameras for more unexpected shots, while Precision Framing gives you a more accurate representation of the composition of your final image.

[edit] Shake to Randomize

At any time you're looking at the back of Hipstamatic (the viewfinder screen) you can shake your phone to randomly select a lens, flash, and film. This setting can be disabled here if you have shaky hands or prefer to dial in your favorite settings yourself.

[edit] Auto-Save to Library

Every image you shoot with Hipstamatic is stored both in the camera as well as on the global camera roll (accessible from the Photos app) of your iPhone or iPod touch. You can disable this behavior if you'd prefer to just have images saved to Hipstamatic. By default Hipstamatic installs with this setting turned ON.

[edit] Retro-Date Prints

There is currently one film, in the Hipstamatic line-up, that adds a date stamp to your images. When you're using the BlacKeys B+W film, you will get a retro-styled date stamp if you turn this setting to ON. If you decide to turn it to OFF, then your BlacKeys prints will have the current month/year added to them automatically.

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