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[edit] Intro

AO BW Film
Package-film aobw.png
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Type Film
Original Release Hipstamatic 210

Tone your photo physique and max out with the brawny black and white AO film.

[edit] Lens Characteristics

A limited release sponsored by Nike Sportwear, this film expands upon BlacKeys Supegrain's strong vignette with a lighter exposure level.

The frame consists of a thin, white border with minor irregularities and corner notches.

Noticeable with lighter backgrounds is the addition of mild contamination in the form of small black specks.

Both the frame and contamination patterns rotate to give the illusion of greater variety.

[edit] Suggested Combinations and Uses

AO BW film was originally released with the Hornbecker lens.

As with other monochromes, the neutralization of any color casting or light leaks allows the secondary characteristics of lenses come to the fore. These characteristics include sharpness (Watts, Kaimal Mark II) or exposure (Jimmy, Libatique 73)

The unfocused halo of the Loftus lens overlays well with this film's vignette pattern.

[edit] Gallery Examples

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